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Many facelift procedures don’t address what Dr. Binder says is the root cause of facial aging.
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Facial Contouring with Facial Implants

Dr. William J. Binder Restores Youthful Volume and Fullness to the Face

Although there are no standard measurements to define the essence of beauty, almost all definitions have emphasized a well-balanced facial structure and a youthful appearance characterized by fullness of the cheeks. Unfortunately, many of us were not lucky enough to be born with perfectly balanced facial features and the fatty tissue of the mid-face tends to diminish with age.

FACIAL CONTOURING : Facial Implants for adding Structure, Balance and Volume

Understanding proper facial proportion is a key element of an attractive and youthful appearance. Nose and facial reconstruction specialist Dr. William J. Binder uses a new generation of anatomically accurate facial implants to raise cheekbones, strengthen and lengthen chins, rebuild noses and fill hollows under the eyes. This technique has come to be known as "facial contouring”. However, there had not been an effective solution for that tell-tale sign of aging--the loss of volume in the lower half of the face.

Face-Lifts Don’t Fill

That loss of that soft tissue causes a decrease in skin thickness and elasticity in the face, leading to sagging, hollowing and wrinkling. It’s a problem that’s prompting many to prematurely resort to expensive face-lift procedures. However, since the face-lift can only pull and tighten the face without filling it out, the results are often very disappointing. Dr. Binder turned to new technologies to develop a solution.

Using Computer (CAD) Technology to create a Volumizing Mid-Face Implant

Dr. Binder was already using computer imaging software to create custom implants to restore lost bone structure on patients. Then he began using this new technology to address the difficult problem of the loss of soft tissue in the lower face as one aged. The result is the BINDER SUBMALAR® FACIAL IMPLANT; the first submalar (below the cheekbone) volumizing implant and a new procedure to restore youthful volume to the face.

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Submalar Augmentation
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Custom Facial Implants
In the quick, and minimally invasive, in-office Submalar Augmentation procedure, a small silastic implant is placed below the cheekbone (submalar) to reposition relaxed or sagging skin upward and outward to fill mid-facial depressions and soften folds and wrinkles. At about half the price, the procedure is a low-cost alternative to a facelift that has a fraction of the recovery time. The procedure can also be done before or in conjunction with a facelift for an enhanced overall result.
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Prominent cheekbones have long been a sign of beauty in both men and women. A cheek implant can provide a patient with that high-arched type of cheekbone look, while another one may provide a rounder, apple cheek appearance. Likewise, a broader jaw in front may make a marked improvement in one patient, while a broader back angle of the jaw may help balance the face of another person.
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Chin, Cheek and Submalar implants can provide improved structure, balance and fullness to the face. For younger people who are experiencing a premature loss of facial fat, submalar facial implants can restore youthful contours and postpone a face-lift. However, when excess skin and drooping are very severe and a facelift is recommended, the improved framework provided by the implants can significantly improve the results of the facelift procedure.
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There are times in facial contouring when existing facial implants do not provide the optimal solution for correcting a facial contour defect or does not meet the needs or desires of a cosmetic procedure patient. For these cases, Dr. Binder has designed a system capable of fabricating custom-designed implants using computerized X-ray imaging such as the CT or CAT scan and computer technology utilizing the 3-D Accuscan® process. With this new process, Dr. Binder is able to achieve results with much greater accuracy than ever before possible.
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